SP86 (external power supply)

Item No.: 00154
8-way controller (external power supply)
1)Working voltage: AC90~220V/50~60Hz
3)Input signal: ArtNet/DMX512 (priority: Artnet>DMA>Auto) Automatic switching of working mode
4)Output signal: 8 X TTL/RS-485 signal
5)Frame time: 30 (milliseconds)
6)Output port: 8 * Sonata 4-pin all metal Canon seat, extended contact position 200W without heating
7)Control pixel: RGB: 1020pixel × 8CH/RGBW: 765pixel × 8CH
8)Cascade count: 128 units: 170pixel × 8CH/64 units: 340pixel × 8CH/42 units: 510pixel × 8CH/
9)Working temperature: 32 units: 680pixel × 8CH/25 units: 850pixel × 8CH/21 units: 1020pixel × 8CH
10).Protection level: -20~55 ℃
11)Supporting accessories: IP20
12)Product size: 8G memory card/wire * 1/2M network cable * 1
13)Product weight: L490 * W230 * H55 (mm)
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