Lifting cloud tube

Item No.: 003
We increase the Motor power and use Magnetic sensor. Increase the speed and mixed tube and ball and foot ball together.
Lifting cloud tube
1) Voltage: AV100V-240V, 50H60Hz
2) Power consumption: 180W
3) Activity duration: 5M (or customized up to 9M)
4) Speed: Maximum 1M/S
5) Maximum load: ≤2.5KG
6) DMX channel: 6/10/15/90/99 channel
7) Protection level: IP20
8) Interface: 3-pin XLR input/output; power socket
LCD Monitor
9) Working environment: -25℃-45℃
10) Anti-fall protection: physical braking, electronic protection
11) Installation method: vertical lifting
12) Size 380x320x450mm
13) Weight: 8KG

28Pixels 168LED SMD5050LED,
DC24V, can use with KNT Winch or use with KT cable to make tube matrix on celling.

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