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technical parameter:

Lamp life: 1500 H
Lumen output: 10200 lm
Color temperature: 8000K±300k
Beam angle: parallel beam angle 0-3.9°
Input power: AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 450W
Control signal: DMX-512 (1990)
Control channel: 17-channel standard mode Scanning angle: horizontal scanning angle 540°, resolution 16Bit, can automatically correct positioning, vertical scanning angle 270°, resolution 16Bit, can automatically correct positioning Linear dimming: mechanical linear dimming 0-100%
Color wheel: 1 fixed color wheel (14 color chips + white light), linear color conversion, half-color effect, and two-way rotating rainbow effect
Pattern plate: 13 fixed patterns + white circle, variable speed jitter/two-way rotation effect
Prism: 16+16 and 8 prisms, with prism overlap and prism bidirectional variable speed rotation effect
Focusing: linear high-definition focusing
Stroboscopic: 1-15 times/second stroboscopic switching, optional random stroboscopic and pulse stroboscopic Atomization: 0-100% linear atomization. Colorful prism effect size: 300mm*240mm*500mm

Weight: 21.5KG

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