Pixel line lights

Item No.: XPB-A1/B1
This DMX RGB line light can be installed on the wall or ceiling of a bar, stage, high-brightness SMD RGB 5050 LED lamp beads-PCB uses solid capacitors, long service life-more effective power management design, saving 40% of electricity-working Power suppl
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LED pixel video strip
1) Voltage: DC24V, 9W
2) Control protocol: SPI SK6812 Universal 2811, Color: RGB 3) Working temperature: -20°~85°,
4) LED lamp beads: 48PCS 16 pixels
5) Automatic address code
6) Waterproof level: IP: 65
7) Lampshade optional: transparent/milky white/black
8) Lamp body size: 98*3*3.5CM
9) Lamp body weight: 0.65KG
10) Carton outer packaging size: 99*26.5*24.5CM (50 pieces per box)
11)Total weight: 30KG


Model: XPB-A1S

1) Voltage: DC5V, 18W

2) Color: RGB

3) Number of LED lamp beads: 100PCS100/68PCS 60PCS

4) Beam angle: 270 -120°

5) Power: 6W 15W 30W

6) Control: DMX512

7) Address code setting: automatically generated

8) Pixels: 100 pixels 68 pixels 34 pixels

9) DMX control channel: 12 channels, 30 channels, 60 channels

10) Shell material: cast aluminum shell

11) Lampshade material: transparent/milky white/black (optional)

12) Waterproof level: IP65

13) Product size: 25*26*250mm /25*26*500mm 25*26*1000mm

14) Product weight: 0.65KG

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Pixel line lamp power supply

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